ECO friendly, water based finishes, NO off gassing.

There is nothing worse than walking into your new kitchen and having to hold your breath or open up every window in the house because the smell of solvents are so heavy. The typical catalyzed conversion varnish finishes used by cabinet manufacturers are not fully cured for weeks and continue off-gassing once in the home.  This off-gassing could potentially lead to longer-term health issues. Serenade Cabinetry uses a water based finish which is 100% cured when coming off our finishing line.  Our water-based finish is healthier for you and our environment than a solvent based finish. 


In addition to being more environmentally friendly, our water-based finishes have a UV protective coating.  The UV coating protects the underlying material from the sun's harmful rays and makes the finished surface harder and more durable than the typical conversion varnish finish used on cabinetry.


Rev-A-Shelf offers a self-contained compost bin that will save you money and keep odors out of your kitchen.  The Pull-out Compost Bin lets you discard food scraps in biodegradable bags and then easily transfer to a larger compost bin for future use in the flower beds, gardens, and lawns. The cover has a unique closure system and filter to trap odors within the unit.


We have partnered with local businesses to recycle the majority of our wood waste from fall-off to saw dust.

We also have recycling programs at our manufacturing plant. All waste, from cardboard boxes to plastic containers to metal drums are recycled or repurposed.


Before placing any equipment into place at our 200,000 sq. ft. facility in Mount Union, PA, we replaced all of the lighting with energy efficient lighting. The plywood material used to build the Serenade Cabinetry box is environmentally certified and meets the strictest emission requirements in North America and are all CARB-Compliant.


Timeless design. Well orchestrated.

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